What is Hopton-Wood Stone?

Hopton-Wood Stone (some write it Hoptonwood or Hopton Wood) is a limestone that is quarried in Derbyshire, near to the market town of Middleton-by-Wirksworth.

It is classed by some as England’s finest stone due to its marble like quality and its ability to be carved (making it suitable for headstones).  The popularity of Hopton-Wood Stone can be seen in the list of nationally important buildings that have had Hopton-Wood Stone in their construction.  These include Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the Albert Memorial, Lichfield Cathedral, Calke Abbey, Chatsworth House and more [source Wikipedia].  There is a more detailed list HERE from Wirksworth Parish Records.

Examples of Hopton-Wood Stone

The tomb of Oscar Wilde is made out of Hopton-Wood stone, is followed by a video of the stone being collected, cut and installed in the Elizabeth Tower London (aka Big Ben).

oscar wildes tomb Hopton-Wood stone

We recently supplied Hopton-Wood stone to go into the 5 year refurbishment of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben); the article and video can be found HERE.