Saddle Stone Commission

We were set a recent challenge by Paul, from Four Oaks Reclamation, to make a couple of saddle stones.  They have high end reclaimation items that can be used, as is now the fashion, for decorative outside ornamental features; but they cannot obtain saddle stones!  So they asked us to make a pair to try out in their yard and see if there is a demand for them.

Originally, these were used as feet/legs for grain stores; which were small enclosures raised off the ground to help prevent rodents eating the grain.  They had a leg and overall, looked like a mushroom.  We were asked to make the ‘tops’ or the saddle part.

  • Buxton Architectural Stone Saddle Stones Closer
  • Buxton Architectural Stone Saddle Stones Overhead

These stones are made from Stanton Moor Sandstone, they were moulded on our CNC machine and each one weights – 90kg.  Not a light garden ornament at all!

Below is an image of how a traditional grain store (this type of storage dates back to the 17th Century) would look raised on saddle stones.

Traditional Saddle Stone Grain Store Building