Stone features for new build houses

New buildings and projects often consist of us supplying split faced walling, masonry, cladding and coping stones in a variety of requirements for each specific project.

New builds, refurbishments or repairs are no problem for us, as we have access to different types of stone, a full range of cutting machines – including stone turners and a CNC stone cutting machine for total accuracy and control.

Stone facia on new building supplied by Buxton Architectural Stone
Stone features on new building by Buxton Architectural Stone

If a builder, on a new estate, needs quality stone, bespoke made, sympathetic to the natural surroundings, they come to us at Buxton Architectural Stone.  The images below are of a new small estate built in Middleton, Derbyshire with mixed housing, walling and masonry features.

Buxton Architectural Stone Middleton Housing Masonry & Walling
Buxton Architectural Stone Middleton Housing Dry Stone Walling

The images above, from the new estate in Middleton, Derbyshire, show the dry stone walling, masonry features and cladding.   In closer details, the 2 buildings below you can see the masonry door features and the quoins in more detail.  All made to measure, perfect fitment and supplied in natural stone.

Buxton Architectural Stone Middleton Housing Estate Door Feature
Buxton Architectural Stone Middleton Derbyshire Housing Estate Quoins Feature

We supply some of the UK’s largest wholesale suppliers with stone goods to project managers for new builds or refurbishments.  Your properties can look at good as this, all stonework cut and supplied by us, bespoke pieces, quality material and accurate measurements.

Buxton Architectural Stone Middleton Housing Estate