Plaques for memorials, dedications, openings or special events

Do you have a special occasion which requires a stunning plaque to acts as a fitting memorial?

Here at Buxton Architectural Stone, in the Peak District, we can supply large boulders or stone that can be used to make special occasion or memorial plaques from.  In addition our trained stone masons can bring to life the message you want on your plaque.

Stone memorial by Buxton Architectural Stone

We can make your occasion plaque one which will show quality and steadfastness.

For instance, this is a bespoke house plaque recently done.  whilst it is not the largest of plaques, it is an example of how we can cut to any size (large or small) and use any stone base required that we stock.

Stone House Plaque Bespoke Work by Buxton Architectural Stone & Paving

This example shows how the lettering can be carved (or etched) into the surface of the stone and then infilled with a resin to give a depth and clarity to the lettering.

Any font and size can be produced as our mason will order a template to match your requirement and then that is used to carve the letters out.

Shapes, crests or other symbols can also be added to make your personal solid stone home feature statement.

A different sort of plaque is one that is carved into a piece of stone.  This stone is from a project in Malham Village, near to Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  To read about the project VISIT HERE.

What links the Peak District National Park with the Yorkshire Dales National Park?  Stonework by Buxton Architectural Stone.

Malham Village Memorial Stone supplied by Buxton Architectural Paving side