Stone suppliers for building refurbishments & restoration

Buxton Architectural Stone are specialists in the production of natural stone that can be uniquely manufactured for restoration projects required by project manaagers, builders and other professionals working on bespoke projects.

Our CNC machines and skilled stone masons can make unique and one-off items for features, or replacement of broken features.

Buxton Architectural Stone Finished Product Detail

This property in Sheffield, required our stone to be accurately cut to fit into exact spaces where the old stone had to be replaced with an exact match.  As you can see from the images, our stone has been cut, delivered and cemented into place with accuracy and matching the local stone finish.  Quoins and other masonry work was required.  Of note: angled quoins have been tool finished.

Angled Stone Quoins In Building Process by Buxton Architectural Stone
Angled Stone Quoins Ready For Delivery by Buxton Architectural Stone
Angled Quoins In Building by Buxton Architectural Stone

Our restoration projects can be for large buildings, such as this university student accommodation building at Lancaster University.  Large stone pieces with a mixture of finishes was required to clad and finish external and internal walls, columns and other structures.

Lawsons Quay Lancasater University Student Halls Interior Stone Cladding supplied by Buxton Architectural Stone via RGB
Balusters for Chatsworth House CNC stone fine details carved by Buxton Architectural Stone
Balusters for Chatsworth House CNC stone carved by Buxton Architectural Stone

Other restoration projects can be to replicate existing features, such as these balusters.  These were measured from the original pieces, weather worn, damaged and in need of replacing.  The stone had to be matched, the measurements entered into our CNC machine and then a whole set of balusters were carved out as an exact replica of the originals to be fitted onto the building.

The building was one on the Chatsworth House estate, so the quality of the work had to meet exacting standards; our work did.  The stonemason in charge of the project was very pleased with the results.