Gate Post Projects

One of our stonemasons who installs stone projects updates us with recent works.   Here are two recent projects which show off post pier caps and post rebuilding skills.

You can click on any image to see it in more detail.

We can see here that 2 Derbyshire sandstone caps have been made and prepared to be mounted on to the posts.  Then the after, the caps were finished to match the same colour as the posts.  The caps are a perfect fit and look in ideal proportion to the posts.

Buxton Architectural Stone Post Caps Made in Derbyshire Sandstone
Buxton Architectural Stone Post Caps Fitted Black

In this project you can see a whole post being rebuilt with layering as well as a cap.  It is a red sandstone that was used, the cap has a curved finish to it and the layering has a tooled margined faces to give a little extra detailing.

Buxton Architectural Stone Gate Post Section Tooled and Margined Face
Buxton Architecural Stone Gate Post Cap in Red Sandstone Curved Top Fitting
Buxton Architectural Stone Gate Post Restoration Rebuild Complete