We were asked to provide natural stone for an exterior stone project at Charnwood House in 2021.   Stone steps and balustrades were required  we were approached due to the nature of the work.  Our accuracy, CNC work and access to the right type of stone meant we were the ‘right match’ for the project.

Buxton Architectural Stone Steps in Stanton Moor Sandstone
Buxton Architectural Stone Balustrades in Stanton Moor Sandstone

The stone used was Stanton Moor Sandstone, which matched perfectly with the existing rear stonework and surrounding stone buildings.   We worked with all parties to ensure the measurements were fit for purpose, stone finish suitable for the setting and designs as per the customer requirement.

After installation, it looks as though it has always been there!

Buxton Architectural Stone Steps
Buxton Architectural Stone Balustrades

If you have a stone project, need stone supplied cut to very accurate sizes or supplied to be finished on site, we would be delighted to hear from you.  To see our cutting processes, click here.