Barnsley Civic Hall Restoration Project

Barnsley Civic Hall is a Grade 1 listed building which had been suffering with some front stonework detoration.  We were asked to replicate the moulded pillars and new front sections to match the existing stonework and design.

Only the necessary sections were replaced, so as to keep as much of the original stonework in situ.  The dimensions were taken back, programmed into our CNC machine for 100% accuracy, and the stone was produced to exact requirements.


We were asked to provide the stonework using Stanton Moor Sandstone.  After the stone was delivered and applied to the building, you can se the lines, curves and shape all flow seamlessly with the existing facade.

Click on the images to see the work in more detail.

All of the internal radius’s mouldings and moulded panels were done by hand.  Iain, a talented stonemason, who does work for us, took two weeks, by hand, to get the detailing on the curves.

As you can see, from clicking on any of the images, the work has been done to a high professional finish. Iain has also done other work, which is displayed on our site, such as stone plaques – you can see some HERE.