Coping Stones, Caps, Pier Caps & Half Round Hogs Back Copers

At Buxton Architectural Stone, we are specialists in the manufacturer and production of stone, including coping stones, cap stones, pier caps and half round hogs back copers.

Because we are in control of the process, we can make these to standard sizes or to any unique sizes required.  Our range of materials means we can supply you with options without compromising on quality.

Walling Stone by Buxton Architectural Stone

Our CNC machine can add enables us to product unique pier caps for new builds or restorations.

At our location we also manufacture and supply other types of natural stone caps, tops and other coping products.

Pier Caps

A range of post peir caps in situ, or at our location; all done to a bespoke design and finish. Flat topped, pointed with various heights, different stones and dimensions.

Wall Coping Stones

In a variety of finishes!

Corner & Stop End Copers with Tooled Finish

Corner coping stones manufactured by Buxton Architectural Stone

Half Round Copers

Half round coping stones manufactured by Buxton Architectural Stone